Hello Trinity family,

Each Friday this month (Dec 6, 13, and 20), we will be having all-school chapel services starting at 8:40a. The 30-minute service allows us to gather as a community to worship God and celebrate His many blessings to each of us. This month, I am privileged to be sharing God’s Word at each service. The theme for these three chapels is “The People of Christmas”. Focusing on three important individuals in the Christmas story. 

Today I spoke with the students about the angel named Gabriel. Gabriel was the messenger God selected to tell a teenage girl that she had been chosen to be the mother of the Savior of the world. Did you know that Mary was actually the third person Gabriel had delivered the Good News to over the years? A few months before Mary met him, her cousin’s husband Zechariah, heard from Gabriel that he was going to be a father, at a ripe old age. 600 years before Zechariah, a wise man named Daniel also heard from Gabriel two different times as an answer to his prayer. In all three conversations, God had sent Gabriel to earth to share the Good News about the coming Savior, his Son, Jesus. Gabriel also delivered the names for two of the world’s most famous people: Jesus and John the Baptist. Gabriel had a special role in a very special story. It is that story of redemption and grace that we hope your students hear every day they attend Trinity. 

Next week I will share about Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, and on December 20, I will talk about the shepherds. You are always invited to join us at these chapels. It is wonderful when parents, friends, and relatives come and participate in our community.

Trinity Fund Update:

The Trinity Fund, our annual fund drive, is off to a great start. $2,745.00 has been collected so far through December 5, 2019. Our goal for this year is participation, not an amount. Would you consider a year-end gift to help support our student experience here at Trinity? Please follow this link to make a gift:

I want to give to The Trinity Fund!

If you prefer to make a gift by check, please send your gift to:

Trinity Lutheran School, 2550 NE Butler Market Rd, Bend, OR 97701

On the memo line write: Trinity Fund

I thank God for the partnership we share in the education of your child(ren). Continued blessings to you and your family. Have a wonderful weekend!

be God’s,
Gregg Pinick
Executive Director/Head of Schools

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