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Trinity Lutheran School

Drop-off Procedure

  • Doors will open each morning at 7:45a. 
  • Grades 2-8 are encouraged to use the front school entrance.
  • Grades PS-1 are encouraged to use the school side doors that face the flag poles.  
  • Grades 9-12 students will enter the gymnasium from the door nearest the back parking lot.
  • All student drivers are required to fill out the student driver form that can be found in the Student/Family Resource folder or through the school office.
  • Parking will be a premium, and we do have many HS drivers.  Please use patience and kindness as you enter and exit campus.
  • During drop-off, teachers’ attention will need to be on preparing all students for a successful start of their day. We ask that you respect the teacher’s time by making your visit brief. Any conversations concerning your student should be scheduled with the teacher for a time outside the instructional school day.
  • Coming Soon! New Drop off procedure for parking lot navigation!

Pick-Up Procedure

As you enter the campus, turn right to pick up students in PS to grade 7.  There are two lanes that will filter into one as you go around the corner to the pickup line.  We will have 12 pickup stations, and we want the driver to pull up to the number and wait for the child(ren) to come to them.  Please pay attention to staff instructions to pull up to the furthest available pick-up position.  Please do not stop to pick up your student while they are walking to an assigned area.  

Once your child is safely in your car, please pull out towards the center and proceed to the exit.  If you need additional time to get your child situated, please pull beyond spot number 1 and pull over to address your child(ren)’s needs.

To pick up students in grades 8-12, enter the parking lot and turn left and proceed to the parking lot by the gymnasium.  Remember that we have many student drivers also parked in the back.  Patience goes a long way to getting everyone home safely.

When exiting campus in the afternoon we ask that you turn right out of the parking lot. Left turns are not allowed out of the parking lot during pick-up times. After making a right turn, head down to the roundabout on Purcell and Butler Market to re-orient yourself in the direction you wish to go.